Thursday, September 8, 2016

Welcome to the Team, Dan and Brian!

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to two brand new additions to the Rent Jungle and Rainmaker teams. Our two newest developers are Dan Foley and Brian Coulter. Say hello!

Dan graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in computer science in 2002 and has been developing websites since then. Before joining us here at Rent Jungle, Dan was the lone programmer at a multi-million dollar e-commerce site which specializes in, you guessed it, socks! Dan plays guitar, piano, and bass and before he dove headfirst into the world of technology, Dan was a musician and audio engineer. When he’s not working, Dan is spending time with his two daughters, wife, and dog and he’s an active volunteer in his community. He coaches soccer and basketball, is a member of Brentwood’s 4th of July planning committee, and he helps out Handmade Arcade with all of its technological needs.

Dan is already hard at work with our back-end team improving the user experience for our renters and self-sign up property owners.

Brian graduated from Penn State University with degrees in Physics and Nuclear Engineering. Before Brian came to us at Rent Jungle, he worked with Westinghouse Electric Company developing reactor monitoring software. In his free time, Brian enjoys participating in a number of local sports leagues including softball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. Brian also enjoys rock climbing and improv comedy so we’ll see if we can convince him to tell us a couple of jokes! Brian will be joining the Rent Jungle and Insights back end team and is currently working on automatically gathering reviews for the multifamily experience and to add data to Rainmaker Insights. Next, he’ll move on to helping gaming and hospitality with their review requirements.

We’re so glad to have both Brian and Dan join us here at Rent Jungle and Rainmaker and we know they’re great additions to our already fabulous team!