Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Rent Jungle would like to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Below are some of our employees' favorite traditions and memories. What are yours?

Erik Singer - Making Christmas Cookies with Family

Bryan Crowe - Christmas Caroling and Making Potato Salad

Travis Simcox - Going Sledding with Family Down a Nearby Half Mile Hill

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Potluck at Rent Jungle

This Thanksgiving the Rent Jungle team joined with Community Elf in celebrating with a potluck! Food, drink, and merriment were in abundance as employees intermingled and savored a mid-day work break.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween and Costumes

Some of the team dressed up for the holiday! Check out the photos and Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Rent Jungle Internet Listing Service Acquired by The Rainmaker Group

(Image courtesy of Joe Wojcik)
By now we're sure you've heard the great news - Rent jungle, your favorite apartment listing source, has just been acquired by the Rainmaker Group. Not to worry, though. Even though we're embarking on this exciting new partnership, you'll still have access to the same great features that you're used to on our site.

If you're looking for a little more information on our changes, or have any questions, take a look at our press release below. Thanks for celebrating with us!

The Rainmaker Group, the leading provider of revenue management and profit optimization solutions to the multifamily housing and gaming/hospitality industries, announces the acquisition of Rent Jungle, a leading multifamily Internet Listing Service (ILS) and technology company specializing in apartment listing data and business intelligence. Among other integrations, The Rainmaker Group plans to leverage Rent Jungle data to enhance pricing algorithms and products to automatically incorporate competitor rents in the Rainmaker LRO® revenue management or rent optimization software system. 

Rent Jungle collects rental listings for multifamily and single-family homes from all of the large listing sites, as well as many of the smaller listing and property sites, aggregating the listings that it collects and providing them to the public on its ILS. In the past four years, Rent Jungle has grown to more than one million active listings and 1.5 million monthly site visits, and its ILS is ranked among the top 15 in the U.S. 
“We’re extremely pleased to welcome Rent Jungle to the Rainmaker team,” said The Rainmaker Group executive vice president of strategy and business development Amar Duggasani. “At Rainmaker, we pride ourselves in providing state-of-the-art analytics solutions that drive significant financial and operational benefits to our customers. Rent Jungle complements that vision by bringing a stellar reputation and proven capabilities in multifamily business intelligence, apartment search and data analytics. There are a number of immediate opportunities to leverage Rent Jungle technology and data in our LRO system. The Rent Jungle and LRO teams intend to move quickly to determine which initiatives will provide the greatest value to customers, which we will focus on first.”
Rent Jungle is based in Pittsburgh and was founded in 2010 by Jon Pastor. Pastor brings a wealth of technology and business strategy experience to Rainmaker from his roles at McKinsey, Google, Microsoft and Rent Jungle. Jon is a graduate of Case Western University and the Harvard Business School. Pastor and his team of developers will be joining The Rainmaker Group and will continue to operate out of Pittsburgh.

“The Rainmaker Group is the perfect fit for a company like Rent Jungle,” Pastor said. “We’re looking forward to advancing Rainmaker’s analytical solutions and also immediately providing LRO clients with actionable data, while improving Rent Jungle’s apartment search engine for current and future users and with Rainmaker’s assistance, continuing to evolve into a stronger, more innovative company within the multifamily arena.”

The Rainmaker Group plans to invest in Rent Jungle’s technology to enhance it for existing Rent Jungle customers, future Rent Jungle customers and LRO customers. The Rent Jungle team (now a part of The Rainmaker Group) will continue to support Rent Jungle’s customers, developing and enhancing the technology that they use.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rent Jungle Welcomes New Hires

(L-R) Dontave Cowsette Jr., Travis Simcox and Bryan Crowe
Rent Jungle continues to grow, and with growth comes new employees! We are excited to welcome three talented new members to our team: Bryan Crowe, Travis Simcox and Dontave Cowsette, Jr. Each of them has skills and background to make positive contributions to the Rent Jungle company and community.

Bryan Crowe, Developer
Bryan is rejoining Rent Jungle following a successful summer internship three years ago as a web developer, focusing on MDX. Bryan was previously employed as a web development lead at Zap Solutions, a web programming shop that primarily does work for marketing agencies. In his free time, Bryan is one of the lead open source contributors to the CakePHP core, which is the programming framework used by thousands of companies, including Rent Jungle. Bryan holds a BS in Information Science from Robert Morris University.

Travis Simcox, QA Analyst
Travis is joining Rent Jungle as a QA Analyst and junior backend Python developer. Travis was most recently a Graduate Researcher and Ph.D student in psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, where his research focused on the neural basis of cognition. Travis' day-to-day work focused on designing computer software to conduct and analyze the "big data" from computer-based experiments, primarily using Amazon Web Services, PHP, C#, MatLab, R and SPSS. Travis has Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Psychology from New Mexico Highlands University and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, respectively.

Dontave Cowsette, Jr., Intern
Dontave is joining Rent Jungle as a part-time Business Development intern. Dontave is currently pursuing his MBA at Carlow University, while simultaneously working full time as a medical supply room manager at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dontave graduated two years ago from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Marketing. While at Pitt, Dontave was captain of the 35-member Track and Field team, and not only holds Pitt's all time record for the 800 meters, but finished 4th in the Big East in the 800 meters.

Welcome to the team!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Every Monkey Needs A Break Once In A While

Monkeys sure love to climb on trees, but our monkeys decided they wanted to be a little more comfy in the Rent Jungle Office. Our monkeys have been upgraded to plush computer chairs and a great couch for taking a break. They have even added a few decorations of their own. Check out our great new furniture and see our employees hard at work!

Our employees love taking breaks and hanging out on this great new couch!

We might have new furniture, but we won't ever get rid of our favorite toys!

Eric hard at work with his great new desk!

Ooh Fun Lamp!

We can never forget about our "Kyle Lamp"! It is our favorite part of the office.

Friday, July 25, 2014

How Much Is 1 Million?

Rent Jungle is proud to announce that we’ve hit a milestone. During the month of June we had over 1 million unique views to our apartment search engine. Just in case you’re not impressed with that figure, we’ve put together a little list of places don’t have over 100 million people visit them:
  • That’s more people than the entire population of Pittsburgh in 2013 (305,841)
  • That’s more people than can fit in Disney’s Magic Kingdom at one time (100,000 guests
  • That’s more than the entire population of Iceland (320,000)
  • That’s more than the entire worldwide workforce of Google (47,756 employees)
  • That’s more than the total number of bridges in the United States (600,000)
  • That's more than the number of visitors to the Hoover Dam each year (close, but no cigar)
  • That's more than the daily average number of visitors to the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris
As you can see we've crossed a threshold and we're excited to keep growing! Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pittsburgh-based Startup Rent Jungle Spins off Community Elf Brand

Community Elf, a Pittsburgh digital and social media marketing firm, is legally splitting from parent company Rent Jungle to become an independent agency focused solely on social brand management and online marketing.
Founded in 2011, Community Elf was developed as a brand of Rent Jungle, the nation’s leading apartment search engine site, for clients requesting social media marketing solutions. For the past three years, the two companies have worked in tandem, sharing office space in Pittsburgh’s North Shore and co-developing unique search and data mining technology.
Community Elf’s rapid growth to over $1 million in yearly revenue and projections for increased expansion has made the agency independently viable. At the same time, Rent Jungle has grown to over 1.2 MM monthly website users. Jon Pastor, CEO of Community Elf and Rent Jungle, explains, “Community Elf has been growing very rapidly and independently of Rent Jungle. With the separation, Community Elf now has a fully dedicated tech and sales team. There is also now room to bring on new executive leadership that will be 100% dedicated to Community Elf and who will be responsible for its continuing innovation. Conversely, the core Rent Jungle team will be free to focus on their business.”
UpContent, Community Elf’s self-serve content mining and discovery tool, has been in development since 2012 and is based on the revolutionary algorithms developed for Rent Jungle. With the split, more time and expertise will be allocated to perfecting the algorithms for content discovery – allowing the tool to launch in beta over the next few months.
Today, Community Elf provides social and digital marketing and other services for a variety of local clientele, such as Highmark, UPMC, Heinz and Forbes Funds, as well as national brands including GNC and United Concordia. Community Elf is looking to expand its portfolio to more Fortune 1000 clients in the coming months.
Rent Jungle and Community Elf investor, Eric Silver, says, “This is another story of a scrappy Pittsburgh start-up combining the technical strength and work-ethic that PIttsburgh is known for. No other company has combined real social media savvy with world-leading tools the way that Community Elf and Rent Jungle have. Their split isn't just going to help them, it's going to add another great company to the region.”
To learn more about Community Elf and Rent Jungle, visit or To schedule an interview, contact Jasmine Davis at 412-224-4417 or email JDavis(at)CommunityElf(dot)com

For more information please go to PRWeb.