Monday, July 16, 2012

How To Throw A Moving Party

Welcome to moving season 2012! If you're planning a move this summer, do it in style and comfort by following these proven tips. 

1. Make a Plan Before you move, figure out all the logistic and purchase all the items you'll need during the move. Get boxes, tape, bags, scissors, markers, keys, and double check on your moving truck. This will help make the move as seamless as possible.

2. Call In Help Call in some favors from friends. Remind people of how great it was when you moved them in, and how they can recreate that memory. Tell them there will be free drinks, pizza, and awesome people.

3. Execute Flawlessly There's nothing worse than when you go to help someone move into a new apartment and there is nothing but chaos running the show. To avoid this, clearly mark your boxes with their contents and the location (i.e. second floor bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc). Be on top today, and know where all your stuff is going.

4. Party On You probably just saved a few hundred dollars by using friends in lieu of movers, so toss a few bucks to a decent meal for your friends. Order pizza or start up the bbq: everyone who has helped deserves a big meal.

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