Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Warm Out. So What?

The summer heat is here, and it is seeping its way into your house as we speak! If you are not to keen on letting those power bills rise month after month, there are a few ways to stay cool without killing your wallet.

1. Ceiling Fans
If your ceiling fans were in reverse for the winter (an excellent idea), switch them back to their normal setting where air is pushed directly downward. For some magical reason, it's better to alternate your fans for each major season. During the summer heat, the downward flow tricks your body into thinking it's cooler than it is.

A fan making someone cooler? Go figure.

2. Close Your Curtains
Not only will keeping your curtains shut protect your privacy from any neighborhood creepos, but it will also effectively block out a lot of sunlight and heat. This is better done around noon, but if you have a full time day just pull the blinds before you leave for work.

3. It's... Coming From Inside The House!
A lot of heat is generated from your electronics and lights. When you leave the house, turn off your tv, computer, lights, dvd players, stereos, electric toothbrushes, ice-cream makers, and any other electronics you may have. When you're home, keep as many of these items off as possible.

4. Be Cool
Wear less. Don't worry, your curtains are closed still, right? Eat Popsicles, have cold drinks, take cold showers, be a little more shiftless. It's not winter, go ahead and shave your beard!

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