Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Geng At University of Miami

Geng Wang, co-founder of Rent Jungle talked to students in Professor Sheryl Alonso's class, Advanced Organizational Behavior (senior elective) at the University of Miami last week. He spoke about Rent Jungle and our sister company, Community Elf.

He talked about his background and what he's been doing since graduating from Michigan State University in  2008. He also talked about the background of Rent Jungle and Community Elf and how the two companies came about.  Students asked a lot of questions like "How did you get funding for the idea?" or "What made you think Rent Jungle would be a good idea to start?" 


Students also were great in giving feedback on both businesses.  Interesting stats on the students: 90% of the classes used Twitter, 75% have Liked a company on Facebook,  40% have used QR codes  One of the students also used Rent Jungle last year to look for an apartment as well. Thanks for the feedback,
Advanced Organizational Behavior class!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jon and Geng Go To Harvard!

The CEO of Rent Jungle, Jon Pastor and Co-founder, Geng Wang went to Harvard Business School last week.  They made the journey because HBS wrote a case study on Rent Jungle. The class was taught last week to 2nd year MBA classes. They were on hand to answer questions.

Geng monkeying around
Jon talking to an HBS student
Socializing with the class
Jon talking about Rent Jungle with some students