Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Starting 2011 on the Right Foot

We here at Rent Jungle have started the New Year with a bang and are excited to report to you some of our January accomplishments:

1.      Our predictions were correct in regards to our growth. As a result January will host our highest traffic numbers to date. We have been breaking our own expectations,   and we appreciate all the help you, our readers, have supplied!
2.      We recently were given a featured blog spot on Inman News and have seen the post spread across the internet. People are picking up on Rent Jungles momentum, and we are looking forward to a good year with the press.  
3.      We recently reached our goal of having 1000 friends on our Facebook page. Our next goal is catching up to Mark Zuckerberg, so tell your friends!
4.      Our traffic is growing and so must those who tend to it, so we also recently added another office room. With Google moving in next door, we’re likely to bump into one another’s office space from time to time. We just hope they don’t mind our continually playing theme song, Eye of the Tiger.

Thanks for checking in, we’ll send another update in early February. Stay warm!