Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays from Rent Jungle

December has struck and so has the snow around Rent Jungle headquarters. Our CFO headed south for the winter, but the rest of us are preparing for the cold with hot coffee and heavy boots. Here's a look at our holiday plans, and how we intend to rejuvenate our creative juices.

Erik, Matt, and Bryan (our computer scienticians) all plan on catching up on sleep. It turns out that when you stay awake for twenty hours a day for an entire year, you begin to go somewhat insane. They prefer to hibernate over the winter season in lieu of "wasting a full eight hours on sleep, which is overrated by the way, and plus RockStar keeps me awake and active, thank you very much."

Josef (aka Jeauxsef) plans on striking his car repeatedly with a crescent wrench until the alternator decides to heal itself. When asked why he does not just take the car to a mechanic, he responded by yelling wildly and swinging a badly mangled crescent wrench.  

Daniel Lanigan, our lead developer, is already on break, and most likely still working from home.  He plans on sitting in the rocking chair on his front porch chewing a strand of straw, a cigarette lit between his fingers, shedding a single tear for freedom.

CEO Jon Pastor will be spending his winter break with his wife and new born babe. With some promises to refrain from working through the entire holiday season, he plans on watching both the Charlie Brown Christmas and A Christmas Story before the 25th.

So from all of us, we wish you a happy holiday season. Stay warm, healthy, and cheerful!

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