Friday, October 28, 2011


We here at Rent Jungle take our jobs seriously. We work hard, play hard, eat hardy meals, and just like any red blooded American, we sleep hard to recuperate our strength. In an initiative to connect better with our social media arm, we ordered the official Osmosis Social Media Pillows from the internet (CraftSquatch).

Our developers couldn't keep their hands off them. Bellow you can see Erik slithering up from behind the chair-like pedestal to sneakily touch each individual pillow.

Like a sleuth, he fingers his way over to the Twitter pillow, trying to learn it's secrets. On the right in the background, you might notice Bryan becoming visibly upset.  Clearly he also wants to learn more from the Twitter pillow.

Sensing the predatory nature of Bryan's scowl, Erik returns to the Facebook pillow and puts on his best troll face.

Bryan revels in his victory, and begins the osmosis process. Can't get enough of pillows, those developers. 

Bryan is also getting pretty darn good at his bird impression:

Right. Thanks for checking in. More office antics to come!