Monday, March 28, 2011

The Great Pittsburgh Flood...

So we had a little flood here at the office. Everyone's fine, but we think our neighbors nearly lost a car just down the street. 

The front of the office. Parts of the road are about two feet deep.

Daniel took a smoking break next to the ever rising waters. 

About a week later, we received some massive hail from the heavens. 
Geng risked his life on the roof to grab these gems for a quick photo.

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  1. Great Post...I absolutely like that..
    Really the best most wonderfullest :)
    Further I would like to add about water damage local, Research shows that almost 100% of all basements will suffer some form of basement flooding at some point in their existence. “Almost 100%” translates into “it’s certain”. It makes sense, too, because basements are the single lowest location in any structure, and excess water is always going to flow downhill. Put the two together and you have an unwelcome flooded basement.