Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Site Version 1.2 Rolled Out Today

Launched the following features / enhancements today. We are through the majority of the beta tester feedback, finally!

Front end:
  • You can now edit your email, name and password
  • Browse by universities as well as states
  • Ability to see streetviews and add to favorites while browsing the map
  • Outbound listings will now open in a separate tab/window
  • Houses for rent can be filtered out of the search results
  • Distance from the center of the search location are shown on the search results
  • Displaying the cities alphabetically going down the columns rather than across (harder than you might think!)
  • Redirect back to where you came from if you are forced to log in
  • Check for browsers to make sure they have cookies and active x enabled
Behind the scenes:
  • Moved to an on-demand cloud hosting environment at Mosso/Rackspace so we can easily scale
  • Implemented server-side and client side caching and a content delivery network to really get these pages loading faster. We have already cut our bandwidth out by 75%