Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Site Version 1.1 Launched!

The following features/fixes were rolled out today. We're starting to plow through that user feedback. Lots more to go
  • Email your list of favorite apartments to a friend
  • Delete your favorites once you add them
  • This blog!
  • You can search by college/university name in the search box
  • A major upgrade to the query syntax and database indexes that should improve apartment search speed by 90% based on preliminary testing
  • Ability to auto import structured datafeeds (XML) of listings from companies that make them available to us
On the map interface, we made some major improvements:
  • Map loads dynamically as you scroll around, so even if you go far away from your original search, you will still see listings
  • Map bubbles only open if you click. The auto-open feature was not fun to use in crowded markets like new york and chicago
  • You can search using the Google Bar in the lower left for points of interest (like "starbucks") near your apartment listings
  • We are now color coding houses for rent vs. apartments on the maps
Next version coming soon!