Monday, May 11, 2009

Early Feedback

Thank you beta users for your early feedback. First, the positive response has been amazing. Multiple people mentioned Rent Jungle was the best site in the category they had ever used. Great!!

Here is the feedback in no particular order. Please add additional comments if you have further suggestions:
  • I'd like to see a search summary somewhere on the page that lists the distance of each of the apartments from the location specified in the search. (James G)
  • Can you leverage the Google Street View API to show what some of these properties look like from the outside in the map view? (James G)
  • Can you include the option to search for pet-friendly apartments? (James G)
  • Make sure all the apartments have addresses (Joe H)
  • How can I get my Gulf front condo on this site? (Joan D)
  • Bug: Go to Ohio Apartments and click on Bedford Heights, it takes you back to the States listings (Jerie G)
  • The Map View can be quite "jumpy" and can move independent of holding the left click button down. And the pop-up descriptions seem to appear without an action (blocking part of the map), somewhat difficult to close the pop-ups. (Rick F)
  • Populate the map view for neighboring areas. Right now the map loads up a dense area, then as you scroll there are no more listings (Norman W)
  • I've been working with a real estate agent in Chicago who created another interesting search engine ( The slider bar is pretty slick and something that I haven't seen others do. You should borrow some of that UI (Mark O)
  • It would be helpful if you could open links in a new tab or new window so you could easily refer back to map. (Edd H)
  • Bug: When I click on listings linked to, the host website seems to zero out all of the source data on some of the listings in NYC (Edd H)
  • When I log in or click on a different tab (like tips and tricks), etc, it’d be nice if the map view and listing view remembered my latest search so I can go back to it after I’m done browsing around the site. (Claire L)
  • In “listing view”, the smallest distance limitator is 5 miles, which is too large for NYC (Claire L)
  • Is it possible to enable the businesses around you functionality on google maps once I’ve found a listing I like so I can see how far the closest supermarket / school etc is? (Clarie L)
  • I thought some of the banner ads were a little too prominent (Garrett L)
  • My natural tendency is to search through alphabetical listings by column instead of by row, the way you have it displayed. (Garrett L)
  • It would be great to choose the categories more widely. Price: allow people to enter min/max values rather than just picking predefined ranges Bedrooms: allow multiple selections, ie. 1 AND 2 bedroom units Same for bathrooms (Marius R)
  • I would really recommend is allowing the user to select bedrooms, baths, distance, etc. and then having them click on a "go" button. I say this b/c otherwise the map tries to reload after you change one of the fields and this takes some time (Andy M)
  • And then about 20 things from Joe B that I can't even list here (Thanks Joe!)

And then, our favorites:
  • Its actually the best rental comp tool I’ve ever seen. Better then Zillow and Truilla (George R)
  • I was so frustrated by after I clicked over to there, that I had to come back to Rent Jungle (Brendan K)

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